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About Us

More than 20 years of experience in

Sales, Maintenance and Execution of electric networks


Mark Komerc is a market oriented company, which does it’s market activities trough direct communication with the clients, in order to better understand the needs of the clients. Hence, our mission is quality and timely service of the clients. Our motto is


Mark Komerc is a company which follows the world’s technological achievements and innovations in the field of energy efficiency. The focus of our team is bringing the technological innovations on the market. In the future we see ourselves as a leader in the region in creating energy efficient households and companies, which will contribute into preservation of the environment.

Why Mark Komerc?

Today’s dynamic business environment requires choice of strong and stable business partners. Because of that, choose a partner who is market-oriented and offers impeccable quality, speed and affordable prices.


Our services are based on energy efficiency, quality and trust. With continuous improvement of the quality of the services, trough procurement of quality materials and following of the newest technological achievements and trends, Mark Komerc established itself as a strong and stable partner for Your Business.

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70% Savings

Philips LED

5 Years Warranty


Mark Light is a concept of professional industrial lighting. The concept is based on big savings (up to 70%), quality, long life lights, and 5 year warranty.